About Us

DazzlePages are landing pages we wished for. Read what made us build DazzlePages.

DazzlePages, free, high-converting, A-grade performance, fast-loading, mobile-first design landing pages


Many times, in our work processes, when we needed landing pages for our/customers' specific goals, we had to spend considerable time searching for appropriate ones, but they wouldn't be what we wanted. What we wanted was simple, fast-loading pages to achieve our/customers' specific goals. We had to spend a lot of time in marketplaces looking for landing pages with these features.

However, landing pages out there had massive page sizes and were designed for being multi-purpose; so, they weren’t good enough for giving high conversions. When we wanted to make changes in the output, things would take a turn for the worst. They had complicated, strange codes! On the other hand, landing-page services with proper landing pages would cost too much for our needs.

All these made us create DazzlePages with four approaches:

  • Focusing on fast page-loading.
  • Mobile-first design and implementation.
  • Design structures based on increasing Conversion Rate.
  • Developer-friendly coding.

We’ve just begun our journey. We are a small team with limited resources, but we are determined to get better and offer more features in the future. We’ll be happy to know about your needs. That way, we can get ready for our journey ahead.


A simple design is what we believe in! We try to manifest this belief with all our attempts for templates.


With every line of code, we try to make it maintainable and clean. This cleanliness makes the code easy to edit and customize for developers.


Every landing page has its own purpose, and to be high converting, its own design. We design to serve the specific purpose of each landing page.

Share your thoughts with us.