Why DazzlePages

DazzlePages are landing pages that can retain your visitors and convert them to leads, because they’re:

  • Fast loading
  • Mobile friendly
  • Well structured

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A-Grade Performance

High speed means high conversion. All pages are developed to give a dazzling performance on page loading.

High speed A-grade-performance landing pages for free

Mobile-First Designing & Coding

We have a mobile-first approach to designing, coding, and implementing our landing pages. That’s why they have outstanding quality on all mobile devices.

Responsive and mobile first designed landing page templates for free

Conversion-Oriented Design

Element placement is aiming at giving high conversion in our designs. Our high converting themes are designed to serve their purpose.

Free landing page templates with high conversion rate

Developer Friendly Code

With every line of code, we try to make it maintainable and clean. Also, we write our Sass file based on cssguidelin.es to have sane, manageable, and scalable CSS.

Developer Friendly Code

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